The Recipe for Love

I hate doing dishes.

I hate doing dishes by hand almost as much as filling and unloading the dishwasher. My mom once asked me recently, “do you ever wash dishes by hand?” Not unless I absolutely have to. Yes, my counter is often piled with dishes, and yes, sometimes I have to play catch up which means I have to load and unload the dishwasher several times a day. And yes, I do enlist help sometimes, if I’m willing to hear the groaning and complaining of my teenagers. They must hate dishes as much as I do.

The only thing worse than loading and unloading a dishwasher is unloading a dishwasher with dishes that did not get clean. It drives me crazy. I’m not even a neat freak, but looking at those dishes that still have cheese stuck to them or silverware that still has particles of food on them or even worse, my clear glasses that are super cloudy. They look like they will never ever get clean.

So when we moved into our new house last June I was frustrated with my new dishwasher. I blamed it on hard water. But anyone who knows me knows I’m usually out for a good deal, and I bypassed the instructions in my manual to only use Cascade and went for the cheap stuff. I even bought more expensive stuff with a coupon and it still didn’t get clean. So reluctantly I finally went for the Cascade. And guess what….my dishes came out totally clean. I very rarely have stuck on gunk and the glasses are never cloudy.

I have no idea how GE and Cascade pulled this off. It’s like they got together with an evil laugh and created a secret recipe together, knowing full well we’d be stuck spending more. Can you hear them now….walking to the bank while laughing? Or maybe it’s really just that Cascade really does have a leg up on the competition. Either way I’m sold even if I am a little irritated I had to pay more. (and no, I’m not receiving payment for this endorsement, unfortunately.)

It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m choosing to talk about dishes. Yes I am. I applaud you for making it this far, but it does have a point, so keep reading.


There is a secret recipe for love as well. Well, it’s really just a recipe, albeit difficult, it’s not a secret.

Love involves action.

It’s not taking the cheapest route (like my discount brand dishwashing detergent). It’s not avoiding what needs to be said or done, it’s not letting things pile up, it’s not eluding friends or family because it makes you uncomfortable, and it’s certainly not believing things can’t get better. (i.e. finding the better recipe)

The best model we have of love in action is Jesus himself. He knew the recipe. He knew when he said “love the lord your God with all you heart, mind and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself” in Matthew 22:37 that it involved more than a nod to him on Sunday and a wave to your neighbor during the week. And it most certainly involved more than being just “ships in the night” with your spouse.

(Read the rest of the “The Recipe for Love” at )


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